CPanel Software

The CPanel software will be your management tool for your web site's features. You will receive a username and password which you will use to login to CPanel. From there, all features of your site are accessible through a friendly and easy to use software interface. Here's a list of the features you'll be able to manage on your site using CPanel:

GeneralVertex Powered Skin
Email Exim Powered Email Server
Mail Manager
NeoMail & Horde (IMP) WebMail
POP3 Email Accounts
Email Forwarders/Aliases
Auto responders
Mailing Lists
Custom Email Filters
Custom Mail Exchanger
Catch All Address
SPAM Assassin
Database MySQL Powered Database Server
PHPMyAdmin for managing databases
MySQL Databases
Statistics Show latest visitors
Analog Statistics
Webalizer Statistics
Show Error Logs
Sub-Domain Statistics
HTTP Apache Powered HTTPd Server
Zend Optimizer Enabled
Download Raw Access Logs
Define MIME Types
Apache Handlers
Cron Jobs
File Manager
Define Error Pages
Password Protected Folders
MS FrontPage Extensions
Manage Website Redirects
FTP ProFTPd Powered FTP Server
Unlimited 24x7 FTP Access
Anonymous FTP Controls
Anonymous FTP Messages
FTP Session Controls
E-Commerce Interchange Shopping Cart
Agora Shopping Cart
SSL Ability (Certificate Not Included)
Marketing &
Search Engine Submission Utilities
Webmaster References
Entropy Chat room Facilities
OpenPGP Keys
Site Backup Utility


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