ABLAZE Solutions utilizes a state of the art datacenter located in Atlanta. The datacenter is located in one of the most premier telecom facilities ever created, which offers a fully hardened infrastructure and access to the largest and best backbones. Also, the datacenter offers complete power and network redundency.

The facility sits atop multiple power grids, driven by Georgia Power. The data center is on the same grid as the Grady hospital and Federal Reserve, which were fortified for the Olympics. This is the most reliable grid in the state, which is connected via multiple entry vaults on different substations and the datacenter is connected to multiple building buses.

There are also multiple redundant Liebert air systems, pumps, MGE Comet UPS battery backup power and onsite permanent generator power. Fire suppression includes a pre-action dry pipe system that is monitored by datacenter staff and 24 hour building security officers. It is also hooked into the central alarm facility.

Security is also a concern, so all facilities are multi stage key card access and use hand geometry readers to prevent card key theft. The facility also has a state of the art CCTV recorded 24x7. All visitors to the datacenters must check in and out of the facility. The goal is to provide maximum redundancy in every facet of the datacenter environment to facilitate 100% uptime for the entire hosting infrastructure.

The certified Cisco network architecture is a complete Cisco product. We utilize fully redundant Cisco 7500 redundant routers and redundant cards within the router at the core, state of the art 3550 L3 switch / routers as border routers and distributed 2924 XL EN switches. The network is fully meshed and redundant with 6 GIG line providers.

The facility was designed from the ground up to serve our unique data housing needs for web hosting purposes. We are proud to have the following features in the datacenter:

  • Raised floors
  • Individually locked cabinets
  • Controlled environment levels
  • Gasoline powered back-up generator
  • Custom designed video surveillance of every cabinet
  • Onsite security measures


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